Meet the Partners



Ms. Truslow has top-notch interpersonal skills and has the patience in difficult situations that only a middle school teacher can have.  She has worked for both small and large companies and thrived in both. She has excellent organizational skills and is determined to advance the business world’s moral code of conduct regarding contemporary environmental issues.  Her interpersonal skills make her a great manager and her science background allows her to understand the expertise involved in hazardous material surveys. She has completed mercury and lead surveys using the highly sensitive detection equipment. She works directly with Mrs. Neese, Mr. Kiley, and Dr. Neese to run a company that has the highest standards in the environmental consulting field.



Ms. Neese has a clinical background in oncology and has a deep understanding of the well-known link between exposure to environmental hazardous substances and the development of serious health conditions such as organ failure, infertility, birth defects, and cancer.   This keen awareness of the importance of eliminating unnecessary exposures to hazardous substances and maintaining a healthy lifestyle was integrated into Ms. Neese’s clinical practice. She developed educational materials for patients describing best-practices for healthy living and the importance of participating in preventive health services.  She also educated health care professionals on the hazards associated with the administration of chemotherapeutic drugs and initiated national awareness for safe drug handling and safe chemotherapy administration.

Throughout her career in medicine, Ms. Neese was promoted into leadership roles in both the clinical and research settings.  In these leadership roles, Ms. Neese developed a broad range of skills that have been critical to her success as the Business Operations Manager and Financial Manager at 3DEL.  Ms. Neese is an expert in managing high-volume and high-throughput work in a fast-paced environment. She is adept in project management, strategic planning, and financial oversight.  These skill-sets were acquired through her work in the clinical research setting and through her role as Principal Investigator for a clinical trial in patients with lymphedema. Ms. Neese has played an integral role in 3DELs growth and development for the past 18 years and continues to be an active leader and visionary for the company.



Dr. Neese founded 3D EnviroLogics in 2002 and has grown the business to over $2 million per year in sales.  He has over 25 years experience developing decommissioning strategies; identifying the latest technologies for detection of hazardous materials and spills; implementing/refining remediation activities in old research laboratories and hospital facilities; managing hazardous substances, wastes, and infectious biological agents.  He has served as the Quality Assurance (QA) and Health and Safety Director for all of the company’s projects with federal clients. In conjunction with the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Neese helped develop and successfully implement protocols published as an ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z9.11-2008 Laboratory Decommissioning standard.

His professional expertise also includes sustainable development employing pollution prevention and environmental management systems (EMS); product and process research and development (R&D); and the design and implementation of environmentally sound technologies to improve manufacturing process efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce compliance costs.  He has conducted numerous environmental site assessments and developed cost-saving pollution prevention/waste minimization strategies for commercial businesses, manufacturers, Department of Defense installations, research institutes, and hospitals. He has applied this cumulative knowledge to greening healthcare facilities and decontaminating old research laboratories and industrial sites for future renovations or demolition thereby averting environmental releases and exposure concerns.  He has also coordinated marketing and business development efforts in these areas for the past decade.



Mr. Kiley is experienced in the field management and implementation of facility decommissioning strategies especially with regards to the detection and decontamination of mercury, as well as other hazardous materials commonly found in research laboratory settings.  He has completed mercury surveys employing state-of-the-art, highly sensitive detection equipment and provided technical oversight of decommissioning efforts preceding building interior renovations or full demolition. Mr. Kiley is familiar with federal facilities guidelines regarding decommissioning and the handling of hazardous materials and wastes.  Additionally, he is familiar with the various construction and hazardous material handling health and safety protocols. As VP of Operations, he interfaces well with hazardous material crews, contractors, facility personnel, and clients alike in order to complete projects on time, on budget, and within the defined scope.